Podcast: How George Louie can help you improve your Dragonboat Paddling?

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George Louie, coach of Sydney’s DSA Dragonboat Club has been enthusiastically paddling for over 25 years and shares with us how to improve your dragonboat paddling. Louie also was the NSW State team head coach, guiding the NSW team to win every category that they competed in at the National competition in Canberra in 2005. (I can confidently say we did because I was there to be part of the win) This success on the water over other states gave NSW the right to represent Australia at the Berlin World Championships.

In this Interview George shares with us…..

  • How he got involved in Dragonboating
  • His new “Elite Development Program” that is designed for the average paddler wanting to take their dragonboat paddling to the next level.
  • His recommendations for new paddlers starting out

This interview should serve as a serious inspiration for anyone who wants to improve their dragonboat paddling as George is an excellent coach and definitely knows what he is talking about from experience. церковьseo-раскрутка цены

2 thoughts on “Podcast: How George Louie can help you improve your Dragonboat Paddling?

  1. Guest on

    Great interview with George Louie. Over the last 10 weeks or so I have heard a lot of criticism of George and his “Elite” squad but I think he is a passionate supporter of Dragon Boats and has a vision as to how to make “Australia” shine on the world stage and he needs the support of everyone.

    Clubs are always going to have to cater for the fat lady who always sits in the back seat out of time and out of breath but if that’s “all” we do then the sport will not grow.

    Well done Tyrone in putting the podcast together.

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