Dragonboat Pool Practise Boat

If you’re an enthusiastic paddler and have a team who loves to train all year round, but it’s too cold outside (especially during those winter days….), then this Dragonboat Pool boat is ideal for those situations. It is the middle 1/3 section of a standard Dragonboat and is approximately 15 feet or 4.57m long allowing for 10 paddlers. You’ll get exactly the same spacing, sitting height and best of all you won’t be freezing in the cold! As it’s designed to be used inside a pool environment you won’t need a steersperson and the boat is simply tied to the edge of the pool. You will need to provide your paddlers with paddles that have appropriate holes to stimulate a similar resistance and paddling rate for still water.

I think this is a great idea and clubs should consider getting them for off season training sessions. Now you can train all year around and be inside with warmer conditions! отзывыразработка сайта одесса

2 thoughts on “Dragonboat Pool Practise Boat

  1. Debra Bertrand on

    Where can you purchase one of these boats (and paddles). Our team is in Ontario, Canada.

  2. John Kometz on

    I would be interested in one of these as well. Where can you get one? what kind of cost are we talking about? I am in Alberta Canada.

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