Typhoon8 Wooden Paddle

Today I am going to talk about the Typhoon8 wooden paddle. It’s a good solid paddle to start off for a beginner and has a nice wood grain finish. Furthermore it is priced fairly at $47.50 USD directly from Typhoon8.

This was the first paddle I used when I started Dragonboating. One thing that I liked about this paddle is, it helps a beginner by providing them with some ‘flex’ in the water (‘Flex’ is another way of saying not so stiff). This can be an advantage when starting out because it doesn’t put as much strain on the shoulders as a carbon fibre paddle would. This means that a paddler can recover much quicker and gets to paddle more often. The paddle also has reinforced plastic at the bottom of the blade so it stops potential wood splitting (very common in timber paddles when water gets in). If you accidentally drop the paddle on a hard surface, the reinforced plastic will also protect the edge of the blade from splitting or cracking – a positive for wooden paddles.

The downside of a wooden paddle is it weighs much heavier than say a composite paddle at 600g leading to extra weight carried and fatigue for a paddler.

Typhoon8 Wooden Paddle

Typhoon8 Wooden Paddle

The specifications of the paddle are below and these are crucial to take note:

Manufacturer: Asia Explorer Ltd (Typhoon8)
Weight: 600g or 21oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3041
Price: $47.50 USD
Material & Construction: Made of top-grade Chinese baisha and poplar wood and finished with imported European varnish. It also comes with an original T-grip (unvarnished) with an oval shaft grip for greater comfort
Country of origin: Asia

Overall I would recommend this paddle to a beginner starting out in dragonboating who is on a budget. Sometimes if a paddler is not sure about whether they will stay in the sport, then this paddle is ideal for them. Otherwise I would highly recommend looking at the composite paddles that are available and spending a little extra.

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  1. Typhoon 8 Paddles (are distributed by Gone Paddling Ltd in New Zealand). They are one of Australia’s biggest selling paddles. Over 30 Wellington teams upgraded from the cricket bat to Typhoon 8 (202a Tee Bar) paddles in 2011. Why? The quality is outstanding. The back up service is fantastic and delivery is only 1 day from the date of purchase. The paddles have also proved popular in Auckland. Typhoon 8 also have great great looking paddle bags in stock.
    Typhoon 8 The price is good, the product is great and not much else compares. Buy local and support NZ Dragon boating.

    For all paddle orders phone Wellington, NZ (04) 471 0205 Email: angela@dragonboat.org.nz

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