Typhoon8 Dragonfly Carbon Fibre Paddle

The Typhoon8 Dragonfly carbon fibre paddle is one of the nicest dragonboat paddle that I have seen around. It is beautifully finished in matte black with no joints except at the handle. The Typhoon8 logo and IDBF certification has been screen printed onto the paddle which stops these details from fading or coming off (most paddles I have tried and tested have stickers stuck onto the paddle and they come off over a period of time). It hasn’t been easy for Typhoon8 to get this paddle into the market after 12months of delays from getting it certified. Though the wait has been worth it.

One thing I have found in this paddle is that it retains the same feel as the wooden paddle with similar amount of flex. Typhoon8 has obviously chosen a different type of carbon fibre material to allow for this and this is why their paddle is not as stiff as the other paddles in the market. This may be a good thing for paddlers who have a tenancy for shoulder injuries. The only downside of this paddle is it’s weight at 520g or 18oz compared to other carbon fibre paddles which predominately sit around the 420g mark. I suspect it is the type of foam core they use within the paddle that adds this extra weight and it’s price point is justified by the extra weight.

Typhoon8 Dragonfly carbon fibre paddle

Typhoon8 Dragonfly carbon fibre paddle

Overall a good beginner’s carbon fibre paddle to try out. Though, I would personally consider other lighter paddles in the market first for not much more in price.

Manufacturer: Asia Explorer Ltd (Typhoon8)
Weight: 520g or 18oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3042
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre
Country of origin: Asia

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9 thoughts on “Typhoon8 Dragonfly Carbon Fibre Paddle

  1. Ewen McDonald on

    I have had several different paddles and this is my favourite. I like the feel of the new palm grip. The best feature is the feel good shaft it makes griping the shaft easier. To me it does not feel heavy and it is much better balanced than my Bracia.

  2. Hi Ewen,

    That’s great that the Typhoon8 is your favourite. I have to agree that Typhoon8 has done a fantastic job on providing a nice paddle!

  3. Kristin on

    Having tried some of the lighter CF paddles, I like the weight of this one when paddling in less than ideal conditions (which seems to be most of the time for me in Portland). The ergo shaft feels a lot better in my hand than some of the round shaft paddles as well.

  4. gabriel on

    hi may i know if there is anyone who sells this in singapore? price and contact?

  5. New Zealand Supplier of Typhoon 8 Paddling products. Gone Paddling Ltd. Phone (04) 471 0205

    Lots of paddles in stock -average one day delivery outside of Wellington or pick up from Upper Hutt Warehouse. Wooden and carbon fibre paddles available plus paddle bags and paddling shorts (with a padded bum).

    Great paddles at great prices. Nothing else compares.

  6. Tom on

    Did Typhoon 8 change the weight of the paddle?

  7. Tony Au on

    Dear Tom,

    I recently purchased a 46″ Typhoon 8 dragonfly with oval grip, it’s weight is around 370g, very light.

  8. One of the most outstanding feature of the Typhoon8 Dragonfly Carbon Fibre paddles is its robustness and rigidity. It stands out above most other comparative paddles in the market at this level. It weights in at average 370 to 380g and is solid as a rock with absolutely no flex and flap under pressure. This gives you the ultimate advantage under extreme competitive conditions delivering the optimal performance for your team. This is the paddle to get if you want to achieve the optimal edge in winning. For the price it is asking, you can’t go wrong. Just give it a try, you would be pleasantly surprised.

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