Top 5 ways to break a dragonboat paddle

In the last 3 years of selling dragon boat paddles equipment to the Australian market I have seen some ‘real’ breaks. It can be quite amusing to see a paddler lose it when their paddle breaks and so far the common breakages I’ve seen are between the shaft and blade. Some of them are clean breaks (like someone has used a saw), others look like cracks from walls running down the shaft and blade (showing splinters of materials sticking out). I have some pictures of different paddles showing their breaks below and I’ll go through the TOP 5 WAYS to break a dragonboat paddle:

  1. Drive over a dragonboat paddle with your car (it’s been done on a Trivium paddle before)
  2. Place the paddle on a ledge and jump on it
  3. Use a heat gun and melt the joint then hit it against a wall
  4. Use a drop saw and cut it in half
  5. Throw it off a 10+ storey building

Here are some photos of breakages I have collected over the years:

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 ways to break a dragonboat paddle

  1. I can understand driving over it by mistake but the other 4 are a little bit crazy to me.

  2. Hi Kimm,

    Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean, but these things have been done and people have told me how they have also “tried” breaking their paddles.

    I know I won’t do that to my paddle ever!

  3. Peter FISH on

    There is only one real way how to break your paddle. During paddling when you hammering with everything you have,hehehehehe.

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