Simon River Sports: Elite 1 Carbon Fibre Paddle

Simon River Sports (SRS) is a Canadian based company offering a range of canoe, kayak and dragonboat paddles, which shows this company knows what they are doing. Though their dragonboat paddle range is limited they offer a mid-range paddle, great for beginners. This is the SRS Elite 1 Carbon, and it is a well finished solid dragonboat paddle. This paddle is constructed in 3 pieces and after testing this paddle in a competitive situation I like how it enters the water without plonking as the blade edge has been sharpened. Additionally instead of having a flat face blade, they have added a little convex onto the blade face which gives more traction in the water. Many paddlers have argued that this provides less resistance and the “feels” not as effective. I will leave that up to a paddler to decide.

The SRS Elite 1 Carbon has a round shaft as opposed to an elliptical shaft which I have mentioned that I don’t like the feel of, leading to less grip coverage and comfort. Also I noticed that the handle is hollow and if water does get in during a race it can weigh the paddle down. Normally this paddle weighs around 450g-510g or 16oz-18oz depending on the length you choose. In comparison to other carbon fibre paddles in the market, it is considered to be a mid-range carbon fibre paddle.

The verdict: I do like how the blade is well finished, but the shaft and handle need some rethinking. Particularly the handle, as it’s hollow water can flood it and makes this paddle awfully heavy.

Manufacturer: Simon River Sports
Weight: 450g-510g or 16oz-18oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3093
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre
Country of origin: Canada

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