Land & Ocean: Fibro Paddle

The Land & Ocean Fibro paddle is just what it is, a dragonboat paddle made from fibreglass. Most manufacturers design and mould canoe and kayak paddles from fibreglass and even use this material in boats. Therefore it is no surprise that someone would make a dragonboat paddle from fibreglass.

This paddle is a good replacement for wooden paddles as it is stronger and lighter than most wooden paddles. Many people would consider this paddle also because it looks like a carbon fibre paddle as the colour is in complete jet black and very plain as well. Only component it’s missing is the weight of a carbon fibre paddle. Overall it’s a paddle worth considering as anyone can use it for recreational or sports paddling. For around $110 AU it definitely costs less than a carbon fibre paddle.

Land & Ocean: Fibro

Land & Ocean: Fibro

Manufacturer: Land & Ocean Comps
Weight: 600g or 21oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3111
Material & Construction: Fibreglass
Country of origin: China

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2 thoughts on “Land & Ocean: Fibro Paddle

  1. Lesley on

    We bought 10 new paddles and are very pleased with them. We used them at the Aust Championships.

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