Land & Ocean: Eagle Carbon Fibre Paddle

It’s a really nice paddle with a polished carbon fibre weave finish – similar to a Burnwater Reactor paddle. The thing we love about this paddle is that it’s a complete one piece construction which doesn’t have a joint showing between the blade and the shaft compared to other carbon fibre paddles currently in the market. Though after trials of this paddle within a boat, I found that the paddle is a bit soft and can be dented easily if you get hit by other paddles.

The downside of this paddle is it’s weight at 550g or 19oz and is comparable to a Typhoon8 which is around the 500 – 520g range. At the price of $199 AU it’s a reasonable starter paddle for a person trying out dragon boating and wanting something a little lighter than a wooden paddle. My preference though, is still the Typhoon8 paddle if I were to spent that amount of money.

Land & Ocean: Eagle

Land & Ocean: Eagle

Manufacturer: Land & Ocean
Weight: 550g or 19oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3111
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre
Country of origin: China

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3 thoughts on “Land & Ocean: Eagle Carbon Fibre Paddle

  1. Deni Schimana - DA Geelong Juggernauts on

    Great paddle and the girls are very happy with them. Though they are a bit soft and sometimes can dent easily so need to be a little careful with them.

  2. Land & Ocean has improved their quality a lot last year. New stock in 2010 for Land & Ocean Eager is only around 425grams each. AU$210 is still a very reasonable price compare with other Carbon Fibre paddles in the market.

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