Grey Owl Wooden Paddles

The next wooden paddle that is predominately used throughout the Dragonboating community is called the Grey Owl Paddle. Now Grey Owl manufactures two different types of wooden paddles. One they say is for training and club use, and the other for competition use. The main difference is you will find is mainly in the weight of the paddle due to the different wooden construction it uses.

The first they call is the “Grey Owl – Club Paddle”. Ideally Grew Owl recommends clubs buy this paddle because it is a beginner’s paddle and is a little cheaper than the second paddle they offer. The shaft and blade is made out of solid ash and the T-grip is made of maple. Additionally they have a reinforced tip just like the Typhoon8 wooden paddle, made out of a material called urethane. The materials used does make this paddle a bit on the heavier side weighing up to 650g or 23oz.

The second paddle is the “Grey Owl – High Performance”. This paddle is recommended for the more competitive crews, and is better for mid to high level competition (crews on a budget). Once again they use similar materials as their “club paddle” but have a bass core instead of a solid ash core. This makes the difference in weight bringing it down to 570g or 20oz. I have found that this is a lighter paddle than the Typhoon8 and is the next best thing to use if you are on a budget to purchase your own paddle. This does cost a little more than the club paddle, but it is worth the extra money spent.

Grey Owl Wooden Paddle

Grey Owl Wooden Paddle

Grey Owl is a solid strong paddle with a good company reputation backing behind them. The company is known Worldwide and has many distributors across the globe.

Manufacturer: Grey Owl
Weight: Club Paddle: 650g or 23oz
Weight: High Performance Paddle: 570g or 20oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3081/3082
Material & Construction: Combination of solid ash and maple timber.
Material & Construction: Made of top-grade Chinese baisha and poplar wood and finished with imported European varnish. It also comes with an original T-grip (unvarnished) with an oval shaft grip for greater comfort
Country of origin: Canada







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    I am Phebe Girod, Secretary of Tidal Blitz Dragon BoatClub from Trinidad West Indies.

    Tidal Blitz would like to purchase 20 wooden paddles.

    Please send me a pro-forma invoice including
    Shipping and handling charges,
    lead time,
    how will it be packaged,
    if damaged upon delivery can the item be returned
    Does each paddle come with individual pouches


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