Grey Owl “Jet” Carbon Fibre Paddle

The Grey Owl “Jet” certainly does not live up to it’s name. I’ve tried this dragonboat paddle and also read reviews and mostly say the same thing. This paddle is too heavy to use and has lots of handle breakage problems. I personally didn’t like the feel of the paddle because it was so stiff, applying too much force causes my shoulder to pop out of place.

Unfortunately Grew Owl has used too much material in the paddle hoping that it will make it stronger, but in fact it is poorly laminated and has added extra weight. The paddle weighs on average 560grams or 20oz, which is heavier than most carbon fibre paddles out there. It is more comparable to a fibre glass paddle than a carbon fibre as the feel and the weight really stand out.

Overall, I would consider the other paddles that are lighter and around the same price if I were to purchase a dragonboat carbon fibre paddle.

Grey Owl Jet Carbon Fibre Paddle

Grey Owl Jet Carbon Fibre Paddle

Manufacturer: Grey Owl
Weight: 560g or 20oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3083
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre
Country of origin: Canada

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6 thoughts on “Grey Owl “Jet” Carbon Fibre Paddle

  1. Owned this paddle for 1 year, before handing it down to a beginner friend. Hated the feel. Feels heavy Poorly laminated construction. The broken handle by the previous reviewer might be due to improper glueing by the seller/purchaser (not necessarily Grey Owl’s fault). Overall, there is too much epoxy and not enough carbon, makes it heavy and plasticky feeling. Got some good whack from paddlers behind me and the paddle cracked. Not serious, but it should not crack from a normal hit from behind. Been using a ZRE for two seasons now and it is night and day vs. the Grey Owl. The Jet is more comparable to the Apex fiberglass paddle.

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  3. ismail smit on

    im awaiting the arrivel of my jet paddle i ordered.i hope it gives me the edge i get out of my trivium paddle.i am shocked too see that the jet is twice as heavy as trivium i never looked at the specifications up until now.but if the blade is hard i guess thats all that matters,i cant say anything till i test it.i am a boatbuilder in south africa and i will love to know the detailed layup of the carbon or if its carbon composite.

  4. Annabs Tario on

    The Philippine National Team used this paddle to compete at the Southeast Asian Games in 2005 where they swept 6 Golds against Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and used it in every International competitions after that. When they had set the record in 2007 Sydney in the 200 m and 2 records (Open and Mixed 200m) Prague, Czech Rep in 2009, they were using the same Grey Owl Jet paddle from 2005. They preferred using Jet

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