G-Power Falcon Adjustable Carbon Fibre Paddle

The uniqueness of the G-power Falcon dragonboat paddle comes from its capability of adjusting the shaft length through the QNect system. The QNect system is a simple and efficient way to adjust the length of the paddle according to your height or comfort using an allen key. Furthermore, it’s quick and easy to disconnect the handle from the shaft to allow for more compact storage.

Due to the adjustable joint, it has been observed that water manages to seep into the shaft. For any paddler looking to use this paddle regularly, they have to ensure the joint is securely tightened. Additionally to store the paddle with the blade tip facing up so that water can be drained out during storage.

On the upside, it is an excellent light weight paddle weighing in at 400g or 14oz with such simplicity and smooth finishes. I liked this paddle when I first saw it because the blade is so well designed and well balanced it just enters the water without any plonking. The paddle has reasonable flex and is not too stiff, which makes it comfortable to paddle over longer periods. I would also highly recommend this paddle for anyone who does a lot of travelling interstate or overseas and needs to disassemble the paddle in order to fit into their luggage.

Manufacturer: G’Power
Weight: 400g or 14oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3121
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre
Country of origin: Poland

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10 thoughts on “G-Power Falcon Adjustable Carbon Fibre Paddle

  1. faz_55 on


    Is there any licensed distributors in Singapore? Price?


  2. Simon on


    Is there any licensed distributors in Taiwan? Thanks

  3. Elvin on

    What is the max length it can be extended to?
    Only avail in Black?

  4. Alistair on

    Are there any distributors in the UK? Trying really hard to find somewhere that sells an adjustable Paddle. I don’t want to buy one and cut it down and find that it’s been cut too short.

  5. gretchen on

    Does this paddle go down to around 45 inches.If not which ones do/

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  7. Paddler on

    Are these available in British Columbia, Canada? Price range?

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