Chinook Diablo Basic Black Carbon Fibre Paddle

Ever thought what it’d be like to own a red or green colour dragonboat paddle? Well, Chinook have done it. A paddle that can be customised to any colour you choose or have it with the original carbon weave. Originally from Canada, Chinook has designed a really cool and funky carbon fibre paddle called the “Diablo”. The paddle weighs at 450gram or 16oz, which is reasonable and in comparison it’s a mid-range carbon fibre paddle.

The Diablo is constructed in 3 three separate pieces. What I didn’t really like was the round tubular shaft they use. Most manufacturers have adopted the elliptical shaft for better comfort and grip. The handle is also not joined straight into the shaft as other carbon fibre paddles are and this may make the handle weaker. I have heard of some breakages and had to get one replaced for a customer recently as well. Additionally a pink paddle I tried didn’t have the colour sprayed on well and it rubbed off easily whilst paddling.

The main difference between Chinook and other manufacturers is that it offers to make your dragonboat paddle in a range of colours, not just in black or the carbon fibre weave. Overall this paddle in my opinion is not well designed, it’s more about the “look”.

Chinook Black Diablo Paddle

Chinook Black Diablo Paddle

Manufacturer: Chinook
Weight: 450g or 16oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3131
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre with various colours
Country of origin: Canada, though manufactured in China

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