Bracsa-Sport Dragon Paddle

The Bracsa Sport dragonboat paddle is very similar to the Chinook paddle, with one slight difference – it has a moulded wooden handle (or palm grip). I found that to be quite strange, as they say it’s a complete carbon fibre paddle, but in fact they have a wooden component – the handle. I personally feel that wooden is not as strong and with continuous wear and tear it would not last as long as a carbon fibre handle. Only pro with a wooden handle is it’s a softer material which can be better to hold over longer distances, but the added extra weight is not worth it.

The whole paddle is constructed in three pieces, with a round carbon fibre shaft holding the blade and handle together. At the weight of 490g or 17oz, it’s a mid-range paddle and priced at $295 US, it’s a bit pricey for a carbon fibre / wooden paddle.

I would look at the other paddles on the market first before considering this one.

Manufacturer: Bracsa Sport
Weight: 490g or 17oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3061
Price: $295.00 USD
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre with a wooden handle
Country of origin: Lithuania and Hungary

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3 thoughts on “Bracsa-Sport Dragon Paddle

  1. Ralph Ooto on

    Could you please quote me a price on a Braca Dragonboat paddle 51 inches. Shipping and handling included and estimated time of delivery. Thanks

  2. on

    could i buy only shaftpipe for a dragonboat paddle and what ar the price then?
    ans do you have carbon handgrips.
    Shipping and handling included and estimated time of delivery. Thanks

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