Apex Ultimate Adjustable Carbon Fibre Paddle

If you liked the Apex Accelerator, you will find it no different with the Ultimate, except for the additional length adjustment in the handle.

The Apex Ultimate dragonboat paddle allows you to change from lengths of 47 to 51 inches. Unfortunately it only allows for an adjustment of 2 inches depending on the length you purchase. For example if you purchased a 47inch Ultimate it only allows up to 49inch or purchasing a 49inch Ultimate would allow up to 51inch. This compared to the G-Power Falcon is not as good because the G-Power Falcon allows for a full range of adjustment between 45inch to 52inches and without compromising the weight. Whereas in the Apex Ultimate you will need to add aluminum rings to increase the length of the paddle and after testing it, I have found the aluminum rings do add considerable weight to the original paddle. The average weight of the paddle with additional rings is about 550grams or 19.5oz. This is a quite a difference compared to the Apex Accelerator which on only weighs around 400grams or 14oz.

I also noted that if you don’t clean the paddle after use, particularly in salt water the handle and aluminum rings start to form rust and this can be quite a hassle.

Lastly the biggest difference I did notice was it had a round carbon fibre shaft instead of an elliptical shaft and I noticed it wasn’t as comfortable to hold compared to the Apex Accelerator. Something I would suggest to Apex: please change to an elliptical shaft!

Overall the dragonboat paddle has been designed ideally for a more seasoned athlete who trains in all different water levels and conditions allowing them to easily adjust their paddle length when necessary.

Manufacturer: Apex Composites
Weight: 550g or 19.5oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3022
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre with a T-Grip aluminium adjustable handle ranging up to 2 inches
Country of origin: Canada

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2 thoughts on “Apex Ultimate Adjustable Carbon Fibre Paddle

  1. Sam poong on

    I need the screws & nuts for adjusting the lenght of paddle @ the “T” of handle, paddle bag. Please send the price of items, mailing address , 15968 109 St. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. T5X4R9

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