Apex Durablade Paddle

Composite paddles are becoming quite popular in dragonboating over the last couple of years. It has changed the way dragonboating looks and feels. Apex Composites manufacturers dragonboat paddles in Canada and has been very successful with the Apex Durablade paddle.

The Apex Durablade is an excellent solid paddle for clubs and individuals. As the name says “Durablade” – which is the most durable paddle around that I have seen and even the manufacturer says, “virtually indestructible”. I have seen many clubs purchase these paddles because they are very solid and are relatively light compared to wooden paddles. These paddles are categorised in the composite section, which means it is manufactured with a combination of either carbon fibre (one of the lights materials around), plastic and / or wood. By manufacturing a paddle this way it gives it strength, durability and also feels lighter.

The Apex Durablade is constructed with a plastic/fibreglass blade and T-grip with a carbon fibre shaft all in black colour. This paddle looks almost like a carbon-fibre paddle except it doesn’t weigh as light as a carbon fibre paddle. Overall I would recommend this paddle to teams who are looking to get a set as they normally will outlast wooden paddles due to it’s durable materials.

Apex Durablade

Apex Durablade

Manufacturer: Apex Composites
Weight: 580g or 20oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3021
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre shaft with Polypropylene & Fibreglass Blade and T-Grip
Country of origin: Canada

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7 thoughts on “Apex Durablade Paddle

  1. Rhonda Hughes on

    Good paddle to use, definitely better than the wooden ones and it’s heaps lighter. Very durable paddle – I took it to Perth for the National titles and it survived through minimal packaging in my luggage.

  2. interesting. You praise this paddle that has the double-whammy of being UGLY and not-so durable and you rip the burnwater blade – one of the finest blade out there because a few of the paddles bubbled? Did you mention that burnwater replaced those blades at no cost?

    could it be that apex paid for a sponsor box on your site and burnwater didn’t?

  3. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the feedback and comment. The Apex Durablade is a great a paddle from what customers have told me as our company have sold over hundreds of these paddles. Additionally, we were the exclusive distributors of the Burnwater paddles in Australia and after recalling over 300 paddles over a 12month period, we felt that the problem had not been fixed and decided to let it go. I agree with you that the Burnwater paddle is a fine paddle, but it still has issues.

  4. Jeannie on

    Hi Tyrone –

    I don’t have much to compare to, since this is my only non-wood paddle. It’s the carbon fiber and fiberglass combo mix and I like it because it’s not as light as carbons but of course lighter than the wood ones.

    I got it custom cut from a coach (46.5 since I didn’t like the 46 or 47, haha) and have been using and abusing it pretty much for almost three years now.

    While I have tried other carbons (burnwater, zre, chinook, etc) I haven’t used them enough to really compare in different kinds of water, but in my opinion, my apex is a good middle ground. I know the carbons feel odd in choppy water (like San Francisco) and then wood feels too heavy for races in calm water. This for me is a great combo of what I need, plus it was half the cost of the carbons. I absolutely love it 🙂 I might go lighter one day and get an all carbon but those still feel oddly a little *too* light and our important races for my team are Vancouver BC and San Francisco, both of which are in natural water with current so I’m in no rush 🙂


  5. D_denys on

    I had an older one withe the small plastic handle for two years with no problems and felt it was a pretty good deal for the price. Unfortunately, I bought a longer one for the new season and I broke it after 3 practices… And my team broke a total of 4 of these in only two months… Maybe it<s a bad batch or something but I lost confidence in the product and went with Typhoon8 instead…. Hope they fix the problem soon, half of my team is using them and it wouldn’t be verry fun to return even more paddles….

  6. cedric on

    APEX durablade used to be a good beginner paddle, but recently got ploblems with the quality of their products. Used to have one for 3 years with no problem, but changed it for a longer one and it only lasted a few months before paddle broke from the shaft… And about 4 of them broke in my team this year…. Moreover, they do not honorate the 3 years guarante anymore (nobody answers e-mail when there is the “broken” word in it…Really sucks…)

    I for sure not recommand them anymore…

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