Apex Accelerator Carbon Fibre Paddle

This is one of the best paddles I have ever tried and used. It did come a long way as there were many modifications and lots of feedback given to the manufacturer from customers.

The Apex Accelerator dragonboat carbon fibre paddle is a seamless one piece. The paddle has been well designed and engineered (from Canadian Men’s Masters Coach Jim Farintosh) to give it the best strength to weight ratio . As the paddle only weighs on average of 400g or 14oz it still retains a frame that is very strong. Additionally as there is a foam core all the way through the blade and shaft, it helps keep it’s rigidity.

I like how it has an elliptical shaft that has been molded into the blade giving any dragonboat paddler comfort and grip. The blade cuts into the water on entry with ease and the paddle pulls back with some flex through the catch. One thing I didn’t like is the rubber caps to enclose the handle. I have seen a few of them pop out during races but not a major issue as they can be replaced.

Overall this dragonboat paddle is very light, nicely finished with a distinct carbon fibre weave and feels great to use.

Manufacturer: Apex Composites
Weight: 370g to 420g or 13oz to 14oz
IDBF 202a Spec: Approved License Number 3022
Material & Construction: Carbon fibre
Country of origin: Canada

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6 thoughts on “Apex Accelerator Carbon Fibre Paddle

  1. Jeannie on

    Hi Tyrone –

    Cool blog 🙂 I have an apex and actually got it while at Jim’s and GWN’s spring camp in FL.

    Just wanted to say and thanks for joining the dbtv forum too

    Hope to meet you soon one day,


  2. Levi on

    i own an accelerator. this is a really great paddle. worth mentioning is that you can buy it in bulk (10 or more) for your team from GWN or other suppliers for about $165 which is much less expensive than other similar paddles.

  3. Hi Levi,

    Thanks for your feedback and that’s great news for any teams wanting to buy in bulk from GWN

  4. I’ve had quite a different experience to the others. My club primarily uses Apex Accelerators and we’ve all experienced faults one way or another, and usually within the first 6 months. The paddles usually break at the T handle and some also break at the shaft-blade join.

    I’m not sure if I understand the term of seamless but I think the paddle has these seams:

    – handle
    – the shaft is joined in halves
    – shaft-blade

    We’ve seen breaks of in all of these joins. One girl even showed me a break in the shaft. I simply cannot understand what workmanship went into these.

    In terms of non-seam damage, the blade is also very flimsy and gets dinged very easily. Granted, our club has expanded rapidly and new paddlers are often out of time, but I compare my ZRE and Typhoon8 paddles and they’re tanks compared to the Apex Accelerator.

    All in all I can understand why people buy the Apex Accelerator – it’s so light and well-balanced – but it can’t justify the hassle of repairs and replacement.

  5. ariel fu on

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