A Weight Loss Diet for Dragonboating (Part 2)

Today I’m going to explain to you about the second phase of weight loss. If you haven’t taken the detox diet before reading this, I suggest you read about the 3 Day Detox first.

Second Phase: Weight Loss
This is actually the phase where weight loss occurs and as long as you remain in this phase for as long as you need you’ll be able to lose weight.

During this phase your primary goal is to train the body to draw on body fat stores for fuel, meaning low carb, low fat, low intensity physique goal approach.

Below is an example of a daily meal routine that is very simple to follow:

1. Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with herbs on 1 serve multigrain bread

2. Snack – 1 Protein snack

3. Lunch – Chicken breast with a raw tomato and red capsicum sauced served with salad.

4. Snack – 1 Protein snack

5. Dinner – Beef, tomato and pea curry served with steamed vegetables

6. Snack – 1 Protein snack

Day Off
I suggest you have a ‘Day Off’ from this program after the first 3-5 days to give you a break from the disciplined eating. Once you have taken a ‘Day Off’ you will fall quickly into a weekly eating routine.

Therefore you have 1 ‘Day Off’ every week and the ‘Day Off’ you have doesn’t have to be the same each week.

Extra tips to help make your weight loss phase successful:
* Do not go to bed hungry – protein snacks keep your metabolism burning.

* Wait at least 1 hour between protein snacks.

* Aim for 10,000 steps a day (walking)

* Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day.

* Fruit must be limited to 1 serve at breakfast only. As fruit contains too much sugar to be consumed in the latter part of the day and must be eating with a protein serve.

* You should take a ‘Day Off’ every week (You can eat whatever you want, however I recommend sticking to protein snacks)

* Avoid the following foods during the second phase: pasta, rice, potatoes, noodles, pastries, dairy, ice-cream, chocolate, sweets, lollies, biscuits, soft drinks, carrot, corn, nuts and fruit juice.

NOTE: Also remember to take a multivitamin with Omega 3 every day.

So set your goals and start eating healthy!
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  2. Nice to see your post with good info. I always suggest the dieters that-You need to ensure that you bring it up from within yourself. In fact this is one of the reasons why most weight loss programs do not work for most people. Thank you!!

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