A Weight Loss Diet for Dragonboating (Part 1)

There are two phases in the weight loss diet and today I will be introducing you to the first phase. I will go through and explain how it works and give you some examples of foods that will help you complete this first phase. Don’t worry, it’s only a 3 day detox diet to help you get started!

First Phase: A Carb Detox

This phase is protein only, which means no fibrous carbs such as salad and vegetables. The reasons behind this are very important as it:

1. Carb Depletion: This is the major role of the first phase and it opens the door for fat burning. By eating 3 days of protein your body is forced to start to use stored body fat for fuel. This is important for weight loss and sets up the second phase of weight loss, which I’ll be discussing tomorrow.

2. Say goodbye to cravings: Since you will only be eating protein for 3 days sugar spikes and blood sugar levels come under control, which stops cravings. There are no longer the highs and lows to experience when eating sugary foods. These cravings will be gone after 3 days of protein eating only because your hormones and blood sugar levels will be regulated back to normal.

3. Consistent mood: Because there no sugar highs to experience the lows, you will feel an improved and more consistent mood state.

4. Greater levels of energy: Most people will experience a sensation of more energy because the body has now drawn on body fat for fuel and is no longer reliant on sugar hits.

5. Fast weight loss: You will notice a quick drop in body weight and this is normal as the body is undergoing detox. Basically it is flushing the system and it is a good sign that your body is learning to adapt to your new eating program. Take note: You will notice a greater need to urinate because of the drop in carbohydrates and constant fluid loss. Make you sure you are drinking plenty of water (at least 2 litres of water a day).

By understanding the above points, it allows you to take the next step and start following this detailed plan for the first phase. Simply eat protein meals for 3 days and you will be on your way to losing weight.

A sample 3 day protein diet plan:

#Tip: A main meal protein serving is approximately the size of your palm.

    Breakfast – Omelette with 2 eggs, Light Ham (7am)

    Snack – A protein shake or protein bar (10am)

    Lunch – Can of Tuna (1pm)

    Snack – A protein shake or protein bar (4pm)

    Dinner – Sliced Chicken breast steamed (7pm)

    Snack – 1 protein shake or protein bar (10pm)

Serving sizes:
Females: Main meals should be 100g or less and snacks 50-100g
Males: Main meals should be 150g or less and snacks 50-100g

Whilst you are taking this 3 day detox diet, I would recommend taking a daily multivitamin with Omega 3 along with a fibre supplement. For example Centrium is a good one to take.

Extra Tips to make your Carb detox successful:

* Always remember the 3 hour rule.

* Wait at least 1 hour between snacks. (It’s okay to have more than one protein snack if under three hours)

* Drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day.

* Condiments and sauces can be used with your meals.

* Avoid the following foods during this phase: pasta, rice, noodles, pastries, dairy, ice-cream, chocolate, lollies and sweets, non-diet soft drinks, fruit juice, nuts and all vegetables and salads.

One last thing, if you have a kidney disease/problem, please consult your doctor first before taking on this Carb detox, as taking protein in this detox may be over your daily requirement.

Good luck!
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