Top Five Excuses Why People Don’t Join Dragonboating


Recently I came across some people who were being invited to attend a dragonboat session on the weekend. When the weekend came around they didn’t turn up. That gave me an incentive to find out why they didn’t come rather than just go, oh well, they had other things on. I think these are the top 5 excuses people make:

  1. Time / Priorities – My partner (wife or husband) needed me to home or with them for something
  2. Fitness – It looks really hard and I’m not fit to do it.
  3. Money – I don’t have enough to be able to afford the dragonboat equipment
  4. Friends – I’ll wait until so and so joins and I’ll try it then.
  5. Lack of Motivation – I’m too lazy and I can’t see myself rowing. It looks too tiring.

Until their perfect scenerio is met then I doubt any of these people would even try dragonboating. Maybe we could think of ways to counteract these excuses with some other incentives.как подключитьсколько стоит продвижение сайта

5 thoughts on “Top Five Excuses Why People Don’t Join Dragonboating

  1. Recruiting is always a hard thing to do as people are use to their “ways” and to committ to something that is painful at first, takes a special person that has that hidden drive. It is easy to get someone on the boat but the hard part is retention. That is when your 5 excuses comes into play. If you can retain them up to their first race, it is a possibility that they will be hooked forever!

    Some Keys to retention:
    -buddy up- assign paddlers to be friend newbies
    -educate- educate newbies ahead of time of commands, conponents of the stroke, and discuss muscles that will hurt before they step on the boat. If you miss the muscle discussion, they may think that everyone else does it with ease so maybe they are not cut out for this.
    -follow up- After the first practice, ask what hurts, share similar stories, and call them up in a couple of days to check up.

  2. Hi Eli,

    They are extremely good points and definitely has some real practical sense to it. It would be great to see paddlers encouraged by this!

    Thanks again!

  3. As a rookie I know, the more experienced paddlers make it look easy. Eli is right “have someone buddy up with a newbie”, it sure does help. I think having good coaches who are easy to approach, to answer all those weird questions is fantastic. The coaches help you plan mini goals to aim for, build on your strength and get you into that little red dress in time for Christmas/special occassion :). Seriously, I don’t know of any couple who doesn’t want their partner to look buff,mmm. And as for being lazy, well there’s 20 people in the dragonboat to help you get over it. And what a wonderful way to meet new people and make more friends. Having the China festival and the Nationals in QLD as something to aim for. And there’s nothing better, then when you get to tell your Captain, you’ve lost more weight (just before your next regatta). Not to mention those long forgotten muscles have stopped hiding and now resurfaced, making you look and feel good. There will be 2 Curves teams(all female gym) entering into the ACT Multicultural Festival for the first time. Rookies recruit so well, as people watch how much they’ve changed, it motivates them to give it a go too.

  4. Hi Cherrie,

    Thanks for your comment. You are right about having good coaches who are approachable, because they are essentially the leaders of the team. They will encourage and support your journey and it makes it a lot easier for new paddlers to come on board as well because they will be easily liked.

    It sounds like you are on your way to becoming a great Dragonboat Paddler if you’re not already!

  5. Phil on

    These are some the replies I got to my own excuses, now I am hooked.

    1. Bring your partner along they will be as welcome as you are.
    2. You’ve come to the right place to get fit, and we all started where you are.
    3. All the equipment is provided. Plus you save money and time by not having to attend those expensive and usually ineffective gyms.
    4. Come and meet some new friends on the water, maybe your friends will follow when they see how enthusiastic and fit you’ve become.
    5. When you commit to training with your 19 new friends you will find it is all the motivation you need.

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