The Dragon Boat Channel

It’s amazing what media can do and what it offers to a community. So why shouldn’t dragonboating like any other sports have live TV coverage and be played on prime time TV? Well a couple of guys by the names of Brent Gardner and Bob Singerman have just done that. This time instead of waiting for the TV channel to come onto a station near you, you get to watch the channel on the Internet. It is the most effective way to broadcast a message and get the information to the dragonboat community quickly!

So in January 2007, The Dragon Boat Channel was launched and has been extremely successful in providing videos and coverage of live events, product reviews and lots of other interesting topics relating to dragonboating. As the company is based in Tampa, Florida US the coverage is mainly on events hosted in the USA. Never the less, it is a great website to check out and hopefully over the coming years it will expand globally to other countries in the world.

Visit the dragonboat channel here:



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