Hydroblades Team Video

I thought that this was a great video that Hydroblades created. It looks like it did take some time to create as it was definitely not a quick video put up in 5 minutes. I give them credit for their work to promote their team.

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6 thoughts on “Hydroblades Team Video

  1. Anon, we actually had one of our teammates and her friend do it for us. That’s the beauty of dragon boating. It brings a lot of different people together.

  2. Hi Alain,

    Thanks for answering Anon’s question. It’s great to see team mates help each other and that show’s the true spirit of team work in Dragonboating.

  3. We’re still waiting to get Cesar to pay for this hahahah…just kidding…
    Zaludos a tos los hippies del dragoboat!

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