Dragon Boat World International

Ever wondered if someone would write a magazine about dragonboating? Well, Dragon Boat World has and this is the most informative and interesting magazine for dragon boaters in the World. It is a magazine that is endorsed by IDBF (International Dragon Boat Federation) and written by dragon boat experts that have been in the sport for many decades. It covers different events from around the world to reviews and tips on dragonboating. Literally anything that is related to dragonboating will be in this magazine!

The magazine is published on a quarterly basis and is distributed Worldwide. You can either order a single edition, yearly subscription or a 2 year subscription which is sent to you as a hard copy. You will also receive an email version as well as part of your subscription.

For more information or to subscribe, visit Dragon Boat World Magazine

Publisher and Head Quarters:

IDBF-Representative, Sales, Editor and Correspondent:
Mike Haslam (United Kingdom)

Production, Design, Administration, Sales and Correspondent:
Henning Wiekhorst (Hong Kong)

Sales Australia:
Doug Sinclair (New South Wales)qlikview desktopсайт кривой рог

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