How to run a Dragon Boat Event? (Part 7)

The day of the your event

Now that we have done all the ground work, it’s now for the real challenge. Running the event on the day!

Most event organisers start very early in the morning around 5am to just make sure everything runs smoothly and usually don’t finish up until around 7pm or 8pm when everyone has literately gone. So for starters be prepared for a very long day, and if you intend to do this on a regular basis, you will need to make sure that your systems are fine tuned to make each event run on time.

Most likely the Dragon boats would be delivered from another location and that is what most people attend to first. Usually a crew of 20-30 people will be enough to help unload the boats and have them setup on the water and ready to go to start the day.

The most important aspect first thing in the morning is making sure that the registration desk is open and can allow for team captains and newbies to register their details for the day if they haven’t already pre-registered. Furthermore the registration desk is a good way to provide more information as well if people are looking to get more information about the event on the day.

Once the boats are on the water, the next stage is to start testing the equipment. This is crucial as most times you may think it’s alright and nothing has been touched since setting them up the day before. Not the case! Make sure all the communications between the starter crew, the marshalling crew and scoring crew all are about to communicate. Furthermore the water crew need to be listening in also to provide any back up assistance on the water.

The rest of the day will consist of back to back events which would have been already laid out in a timetable of events and the key to keeping everything on time is to make sure there is strong communication between the teams and the marshalling crew. That way teams can be ready to go as soon the previous race is finished.

Tomorrow I will go into more details about closing an event.блендер ручнойfashion бренды

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