How to run a Dragon Boat Event? (Part 4)

Involve the locals and council – ask businesses to setup stores as well

It’s always great to see if the local community is interesting in sponsoring the event and also do some free publicity for you. Some main businesses and local community clubs I would firstly approach to get them on board are:

  • The Local Council
  • Rotary Club
  • The Local RSL
  • Fitness First or the local Sport/gym club
  • The local sandwich/fast food store
  • Local Radio Station
  • Local Newspaper
  • Local Charities

Once you have got these local businesses on board, you can start to invite other businesses who may be interested in holding a store to promote their products or services. That way with the traffic the event brings they can make some money on the day and also help support the event through a donation or a small little fee from renting a space and a store.

We have found in the past that this works really well and a lot of the locals come down and make a day of it and bring the family along to watch the races and to socialise with other members in the community.

Tomorrow I will talk about where to find volunteers or staff to help with the event.сколько стоитпозиции сайта в поисковых системах бесплатно

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