How to run a Dragon Boat Event? (Part 3)


You need dragon boats and loads of them. They need to be identical, or else the accusations will start to fly. So now you have found your boats how long are you going to allow between races and will you want one or two sets of boats? Remember, getting paddlers in and out of boats takes longer than getting to the start and racing.

Below are a list of dragonboat suppliers which you can purchase boats from, otherwise it is more cost-effective to hire them from the local marine club or the association that owns them.

  • BUK Boats
  • Champion Boats
  • Donoratico
  • Gemini
  • KTH Seagull Boats
  • Pei Sheng Boats
  • Pel Plastex
  • Regata 2000
  • Simon River Sports
  • Swift International

The above dragonboat manufacturers are all IDBF approved, so you won’t have a problem using them for International racing events.информационные системынастройки google реклама

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