How to run a Dragon Boat Event? (Part 2)

Next up is location. You are going to need a good stretch of water which is deep enough not to affect the performances of the crews else you are going to get it in the neck again. Salt water or fresh water, doesn’t really matter.

So, having found your stretch of water, can you offer space for the resting teams, marshalling arrangements and easy access to board and disembark from the dragon boats?

How do you mark the course? What if you are in the sea and the waves and movement move things about? Do you have anyone experienced in laying buoy lines? Is the course accurate and is lane 1 really as long as lane 6? Is the start line on the same compass bearing as the finish? What about the flags and the poles and how are they attached, and what about the counter-weights to support the flags? And will they be there on race day after painstakingly setting them out on the day before? Will the trawler come through overnight? This is getting to become Stress City.

If you are using public space you need to apply for a permit in good time from the local council who are generally highly supportive of such events. The Department requires public liability insurance but you would be getting that anyway wouldn’t you? You need to get a permit from the marine department if your event is in the sea and confirm with them that you have safety arrangements in hand with support craft and lifeguards readily available – and it is always good to receive the help and support of a first aid volunteer service. (St.John’s Ambulance)

Tomorrow I will go through in more detail about getting Dragon boats.какой производительразместить объявление бесплатно москва

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