Dragontug – A World First

I was reading about some interesting dragonboat articles and saw this event called DragonTug that happens in Singapore. It’s a dragonboat regatta with a twist. Rather than race in lanes of say 5-6 dragonboats, you have two teams head to head in a 12 crew boat.

How it works:
At push-off, the sprint begins. Where both teams are evenly matched, both reach within approximately 4 metres of the Victory Flag, restrained by the tough cable that links both boats. Then the ultimate tug of war begins and the winning boat tugs ahead and claims the Victory Flag.

Where is it held:
One Fullerton, Singapore River

How to become the Ultimate DragonTug Champion:
1. Aces the Round Robin
2. Survives the knockout
3. Wins the semifinals
4. Tugs to victory in the Grand Finals

An event well worth attending and to be part of. I would love to see this happen at Darling Harbour Sydney one day! отзовикразработка сайтов полтава

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