Breast Cancer Month

October is internationally known as Breast Cancer Month and you must be wondering why I am talking about this topic? Well, today is the 1st of October and I thought it is a timely manner to talk about Dragons Abreast, the dragonboat association that helps, supports and raises awareness for Breast Cancer Survivors across the world.

There are lots of activities designed to promote awareness of breast cancer and to help raise funds to support research. The main event for Dragons Abreast Australia this year is the Darling Harbour event held on the 19th October 2008. Furthermore 2008 is a very special time as Dragons Abreast as they are celebrating 10 years since breast cancer survivors took to paddling dragon boats in Australia.

This is what Dragons Abreast offers for cancer survivors:
“Dragons Abreast Australia is a phenomenon that has grown enormously simply because we are filling a gap in the market place by helping post-treatment breast cancer patients regain full and active lives. Happily a large percentage of women survive breast cancer these days but the transition from patients back into a full and active life is often difficult. We are a highly effective element in the ongoing post-treatment management of breast cancer patients, delivering significant physical and psycho-social benefits.”

So – this October support Dragons Abreast by either raising some money via the Dragons Abreast National Event held at Darling Harbour, click here for more information. Or purchase a “Keyring of Hope” here to support Dragons Abreast.

More information about the “Key Ring of Hope” can be found here.

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