Sections of a Dragonboat

Timing Box
This is the first 3 rows, which includes your lead stroker. They all should be locked in to a desired pace and set the overall pace of the boat.

Engine Room
This is the middle of the boat. The paddlers here must have the determination and endurance to continue to apply the pressure up front.

These are the last 3 rows of the DB, these rows must have strong front end grips to keep the pressure on the fast water passing by. (Water towards the back of the boat is very fast from all of the paddlers in front of you. It is very easy to paddle back here so it is very important that you push yourself to apply the pressure at all times.

Front end grip
This is when you’re over the head hand pushes forward. This applies pressure to the water against the paddle.

4-keys to your stroke

    1. The Catch: When your paddle enters the water. (exhale breathing begins)
    2. Compression: when your legs, abs, back pull you in a sitting up position
    causing the paddle to be pulled toward your hip. (exhale finishes)
    3. Exit: This is when you exit the paddle out of the water. (inhale begins)
    4. Recovery: When you turn the waist bringing your paddle forward to begina new stroke finishing with the catch of new water. (exhale ends)

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  1. Bullie on


    I have always been interested in the seating dynamics of the Dragonboat. i.e front heavy, middle heavy or tail heavy? Front and back heavy? What are the advantages? Has anyone experimented with the concept? Or does it not apply?

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