Regata 2000 Dragon Boats

Regata 2000 is a manufacturer of Dragon Boats located in Hungary. Many of their customers have said that their boats are “stiff and durable”. Basically they use Fibre glass and plywood to construct the boat and the frame can be made out of pine wood or mahagoni depending on the strength and stiffness you require. Overall the boat weighs between 250kg to 300kg and the boat can be purchased for around 4,800 EURO (includes the head, the tail the drummer’s seat and the steering paddle). For more quantities Regatta 2000 says they can offer a better price.

Lastly to mention, on a special request Regatta 2000 has said they can use kevlar and carbon fibre to lighten the boat at an additional cost. Why spend more when the minimum weight is 250kg?

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2 thoughts on “Regata 2000 Dragon Boats

  1. Levi on

    This is the first time I’ve seen or heard of this boat but I see a problem with the rocker. There is very little rocker and this is similar to the PEL boat which has a big problem with a full, heavy crew. It either plows if you’re even the slightest bit bow heavy or the tail is under water if you are stern heavy. A dragon boat with no rocker is a result of the boat coming out of the manufacuring process, out of the mold and then “flattening” out. The irony is that this boat would be faster than a stiff boat that retains its specification rocker as long as you have a light crew and balance it perfectly. A flat boat always runs faster.

  2. Hi Levi,

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by a rocker? But this boat is also unheard of here from Down Under and I’d be interested to get some more feedback from others who have tried this boat.

    I find that’s quite funny that these manufacturers offer carbon kevlar and also other lighter materials when it’s not really necessary as a wooden / fibre glass boat is just as good..

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