Plastex Composite Dragon Boats

I’ve seen a lot of Kayak and Canoe manufacturers who have designed the top of the line boats and helped a lot of top athletes win Gold medals jump across to manufacture Dragonboats. Plastex Composites is no different, as they make excellent watercraft in Kayaks, Canoes, Slalom and Rowing.

Here is a picture of their dragon boat below and they make them in both 12 man and 22 man boats. The 12 man boat weighs at 170kg and the 22 man boat weighs at 250kg which are all within the minimum standards of IDBF Specs.

Would love to have some paddlers or people who have used this boat to provide some comments below. For now I’ll leave it up to the community to decide what these boats are like!

Plastex Composite Dragon Boat

Plastex Composite Dragon Boat

погружной блендерэтапы брендинга

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