Pel Kayak Centrum Dragon Boats

This manufacturer of boats in Netherlands has designed a Dragon Boat combining kevlar-carbon and fibreglass, making it supposedly an extremely light boat. They say that the casco can be lifted by two people. I can only assume that is the hull. Furthermore they don’t say how much the boat weighs and they offer two types of construction:

    1. “One piece” dragonboat 100% kevlar/carbon
    2. “One piece” dragonboat 50% kevlar/fiberglass

The “real” difference seems to be in the price of around 500 pounds – which in Australian dollars is around $1,100! That’s a huge difference for the extra 50% of kevlar and fibreglass. Woah!

All Pel Kajak Centrum Dragon Boats are handmade with decks carved from mahogany wood and completely lacquered 4 times over to provide the water proofing a boat needs. Normally the steers oars are constructed out of wood, but this company also offers carbon fibre saying that it is lighter and stronger. Sure that is true, which is the same as a carbon fibre paddle, though it’s starting to becoming the most expensive dragonboat I’ve ever heard – and simply may be too light for my liking.

I wonder if this boat is worth the “low-price” they say it is at 5,750 pounds. Definitely will cost more than a BuK boat, which I still have to say in comparison sounds like a much better boat to paddle in.

The last thing I don’t like about the “look” of this boat is it’s dragon head – it just looks way over the top and not something I would be happy to sit behind whilst paddling..

Oh one last thing – they offer different colours: red, blue, yellow, black and white. топодинмемы онлайн создать

2 thoughts on “Pel Kayak Centrum Dragon Boats

  1. A couple of comments. This shell is built by Plastex in Poland and not in the Netherlands. PEL may add the seats and other wood parts but the shell is built in Poland and shipped to the Netherlands for wood work to complete the boat. Second, a few years ago this claim of a kevlar hull by PEL was made and it was discovered that the kevlar was just a cosmetic layer over the top and the boat was basically a fiberglass boat. There is no reason to use carbon or kevlar in a dragon boat since the IDBF MINIMUM weight is 250kg and this minimum weight can easily be accomplished using simple fiberglass construction which keeps the price of dragon boas reasonable for consumers.

  2. Hi Levi,

    Thanks for the additional comments as it does clarify some of the things I didn’t mention. Also I agree there is really no reason to use carbon or kevlar in a dragonboat because at a minimum weight of 250kg it doesn’t make any sense to use such light materials.

    It’s great to get some good feedback!

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