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Champion Dragon Boats are the next best thing to top end equipment for dragonboating. These boats are manufactured in China and the name of the company that produces these boats are “Dalian Qian Long Aquatic Sports Development Co. Ltd”. I guess it was such a long name for a company they decided to just choose the word “Champion” to call the boats. This company manufacturers different types of equipment such as paddles and canoes and Hawaii boats, but their core is the “Champion” Dragon Boats.

Currently they have two models available, the Model 12 (fits 12 paddlers in a boat) and the Model 22 (fits 22 paddlers in a boat).

Champion Model 12 Dragon Boat

As this boat is slightly smaller than the standard 22 paddler boat, it weighs a little less at 180kg. Generally this weight is acceptable at International level competition and at the end of the day the boat contributes to a small part to achieving a great result.

Model 12

Model 12

Champion Model 22 Dragon Boat

This boat weighs in at 270kg and is certified by IDBF of spec 1222. Nowadays we are seeing clubs purchasing Champion dragonboats as well and they are becoming widely used in competition and at events. Not only are they great boats to race in they are also slightly cheaper than the BUK Boats. Reason I see is because the labour and parts are cheaper to manufacturer in China which is why these boats are able to be sold at a lower price point. Overall though, these boats still have the quality and precision compared to other dragon boats offered in the market.

Model 22

Model 22

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6 thoughts on “Champion Dragon Boats

  1. Paddling out of Long Beach, California, all of our boats are Champion. The current batch of Champions we have are great boats (we’ve gone through 3-4 generations). When they first started showing up in Long Beach a few years ago, they were slow, heavy and not-so durable.

    Champion introduced some new boats at the ’06 ICF World Championships in Taiwan (I believe that’s me in row 4 right of boat 4 in your picture (TeamUSA)). those boats were great – both the 10 man and 20 man boats. Solid, true, and comfortable. These boats later showed up in Long Beach. How lucky we are. IDBF certified Champions were used at the ’08 USDBF Nationals also held in Long Beach this past summer. These boats were pretty damn solid (but not quite a BUK).

    The best way I can describe these boats are heavier BUK boats. Not quite as fast but probably more durable. IMHO, BUK is still the standard, but Champion is on its way up.

    Check out Champion’s first try at an OC1 here:


  2. I would live to hear comparisons between the Champion 12 and the Swift 912.

    Anyone had experience in both hulls?

    Paddles up!


  3. Rex Budd on

    Is the push by the IDBF toward plastic boats from China promoting production of other boats in the countries where they are used? Durability of GRP boats without hull protection is proven to be suspect.

  4. Rex Budd on

    Is the push by the IDBF toward plastic boats from China promoting production of other boats in the countries where they are used? Durability of GRP boats without hull protection is proven to be suspect. Is that why you’ve been through so many generations of the Champion Scott?

  5. Doug Sinclair on

    Hi Tyrone and others,
    There are several models of Champion boat starting with the 5 seater
    steered somewhat like an outrigger (i.e., no steering oar) then DB912 (10 Seater) then DB1222 (20 seater) through to a 40 seater.
    The DB1222 weighs in at 250Kg as per the IDBF spec but all spec boats are permitted a small percentage variation.
    The Champion has refined its end shapes (still within spec) to create less drag resistances and thus cut through the water more efficiently than the bulkier shaped styles.
    A DB912 today sells in Australia for just $8K AUD and a DB1222 for just $9K AUD (inclusive of freight, duties and taxes from China to point of unloading container in Australia. We at DBA aim to help the sport afford the best they can for the dollars they have.
    Naturally as we pay the Manufacturer in USD our prices fluctuate with the exchange rate.
    Dollar for dollar you can’t get a better boat.
    Noteworthy is that a purchase of Champion brand includes all the accessories i.e., Dragon Head and Tail, Drum and Drummer seat, Stainless hoop ‘U’-bolt for steering arm and ‘T’-bar style steering oar.
    Other suppliers charge for each of those elements as after market accessories.
    Not sure what Rex is on about; Champion boats are made similarity to other top brands i.e., double skin Glass with flotation foam between layers. Each has a flotation tank at each end.
    We have new features also in design & development to improve the model further.
    Yes Champion also make carbon OC1, OC2 and we are developing OC6. We also have a range of racing kayaks and skis.

  6. strokeside on

    what is the comparison between champion paddle traditional and grey owl wooden paddle??

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