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BUK stands for “Boots und Kunststoffbau” or “Boots and Plastics”, a German company that manufacturers Dragon Boats. They have been constructing Dragon Boats since 1992 and have been at the top of their game. Most countries use BUK Dragon Boats and I am a bit biased but I think these are the best boats around today.

BUK has designed a Dragon Boat with great functionality and shows a high-level of workmanship. This can be seen when you hop into a boat and paddle with a crew, especially at International level where these boats perform extremely well!

What I have found within these boats is it provides lots of leg room and comfortable seating making the whole Dragon Boat paddling experience quite good. (Believe me, I have been on several boats and tried lots of different boats during my time in recreational and competitive dragon boating.) In the end I still prefer to sit in a BUK Dragon Boat.

Surprisingly the BUK weighs in at 250kg each and you may think wow, that is really heavy. But compare that to other dragon boats which can weigh up to 400kg, it’s actually lighter than most. What makes this boat also special is the way it is constructed giving it the rigidity and optimal durability in any condition. The BUK Dragon Boats are constructed with two shells (an inner and outer shell) like a sandwich. This way if anything gets damaged from the outer shell then it will not affect the inner shell and water should not get in.

Another great thing about the BUK Dragon Boats are the quick release hooks for putting on Drums, the tail, head and seats for the boats. This allows for the accessories to be dismantled and transported easily without getting damaged. Last thing I thought that was great, was the integrated carrying handles inside the boat allowing for 10 people to carry the boat on each side. No more getting splinters from wooden boats!

Over the years, BUK have worked with Great White North and other dragonboat associations to design and manufacture this excellent Dragon Boat that has led it to the product it is today. Overall if I were to buy one for the club I would give it all my thumbs up!

Specifications of BUK:

Length: 12.49 m
Width: 1.16 m
Weight: max 250 kg
Material hulls: fiberglass/polyester sandwich, two hull- construction, Micro- Balloon technology
Deck rail: solid Mahogany
Material seats: Marine ply wood Mahogany
Material drummer seat: Marine ply wood Mahogany
Bolts: stainless steel
Steering: Ash
Head and Tail: foam technology, painted
fibreglass/ polyester, painted
Scales application: transfer film,
colour according to customer´s demand
inclusive: drummer seat
list of accessories.

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12 thoughts on “BUK Dragon Boats

  1. Your reviews are right on the mark and you really get what you pay for with BuK. Our western Canada club has 6 of these boats and just ordered 3 more for next spring. I raced in a Champion day one in Penang earlier this year and it just didn’t have a good “feel” to it. I can’t pin it down but my crew was significantly faster when we raced in the BuK on day two. Maybe it’s just the weight since Champion has basically copied the BuK look.

  2. Hi Levi,

    Thanks for your feedback. Yes I agree the BuK boats are one of the best to use around the world and I won’t recommend anything else. Well, Champion boats, as it’s manufactured in China they are very good at making “copies” of products already existing the market and this is why they look very similar to BuK boats. I’ve paddled in them myself and I still prefer the BuK personally!

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  4. Tony Dyrsmid on

    Can anyone tell me what the design weight capacity for paddlers is. I was in a BUK the other day with maximum number of paddlers and the boat felt overloaded. We has several large paddlers on board. We were left with about 6-7 inches of freeboard and the boat felt unstable. Not a good situation for winter paddling.
    Thanks you.

  5. Mark Kesler on

    Any advice on how to maintain the wooden components of a BUK dragonboat. There are a large number of products available to refinish wood. Varnish, stains, tung oil. What have clubs been doing to maintain the seats and rails?

    Thank you

  6. Any quality marine varnish will get the job done. If the wear is mild, sand the area (seats or gunwale) affected with fine grit paper and apply multiple levels of varnish. Make sure each coat dries thoroughly before applying the next. If the wear is substantial, sand the area right down to the bare wood. Varnish with multiple light layers to provide maximum protection. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next one.

  7. Brian Kenny on

    My team is looking at purchasing a new BUK for this year. Could you please advise. We are from the Vancouver area.

  8. Cathie on

    My team from Vancouver is also looking to purchase either a full sized or 10 paddler boat, can you please let me know where we can get more information?

  9. Cheryl on

    Our company, Oceanus Reinforced Plastics in Sidney, BC is the designer and manufacturer of The Millennium Dragon Boat. The Millenium is made from composite fiberglass over a superior Closed Cell Foam core resulting in a light and durable hull designed for ease of steering, extra stability and safety. The Millennium is designed with the Omega spine which runs from bow to stern providing unmatched structural strength. This boat will not flatten when loaded or twist/flex when paddled. For further information on this fast, responsive and locally built boat please contact us at info@oceanusplastics.com or Cheryl at 250-656-7733. Thanks for your interest!

  10. Gisele on

    I am a short person, and I would like to know:

    Are your bench height all the same? (from the deepest portion of the hull). If not which ones are the closest to the hull

    Is the distance of bench front to foot stop the same? UIf not which one is the closest?


  11. Richard weston on

    How do u remove the BuK seats for refinishing? The screws come out fine but the adhesive under the centre post is so strong the seats will crack when you try to pull them off. Would a long paint scraper work to get between the wood and hull post. What is the adhesive BuK used. Thanks

  12. Ramon Leonard WO ODCOCK on

    Would you please tell ,me the distance of the ‘seat pitch’ and seat width of the Model 1222

    Thank u

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