A Glance To A Modern Dragon Boat Festival

From the time of early China up to this present day, in remembrance of Qu Yuan, dragon boat races are still performed. Every fifth day of the fifth lunar month which is the anniversary of his death, people eat zong Read more ›

History of Dragonboat Racing

Around two thousand years ago in China there lived a man named Qua Yuan, a patriotic poet. Qua was one of the king’s advisors however his ideas were believed to be radical. He was often criticised by his fellow jealous Read more ›

Dragonboat Stroke Synchronization

The biggest challenge of dragon boat racing is managing synchrony. To do that, teams that spend more time practicing on water tend to have an advantage. Some teams that emphasize stroke rate might put their strongest members in the front Read more ›

Dragon Boat Net

Have you visited and seen Dragon Boat Net? It’s a site for Dragonboat Paddlers. It has updates of events and news about major events happening around the world. You can say it’s like a central hub to dragonboating. “Dragon Boat Read more ›